Sampling Impulse of RV7000 for a Convolution Reverb (Combinator Patch)

By: Nicola Alexandra Hajdu (Kaiserin)
Created: 2017-02-14 20:46:42
Last Updated: 2018-12-11 17:10:05
Download Patch: Sampling Impulse of RV7000 for a Convolution Reverb.cmb
Download Patch And Supplimental Files in .zip: Sampling Impulse of RV7000 for a Convolution
Sample Impulse from RV7000

Do you like Convolution Reverbs and would you love to sample an Impulse of RV7000 for your Convoution Reverb? Then this patch is something for you. How To Use:

1) Create a Combinator Device

2) Load this Patch

3) Enable Monitor on Reasons Hardware Interface

4) Flip Reasons Rack arround by using the Tab key

4) Connect the Maximizer (Audio Output) with the Sampling Input

5) Run Matrix or hit a key on your keyboard.

6) Adjust the settings on RV7000 to your liking.

7) If ready start sampling on NN-XT

8) Then press Edit & Save your sample

9) Press F8 to get the Tool Window

10) Use the Song Samples Browser & locate your sample (it's name will be like Sample 1, ...)

11) Export your Sample & use it with a desired Convolution Reverb.

12) Done ? I bet you are. ;)


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